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Monday, January 31, 2011

The D pups are batteling pneumonia....

The D puppies came up this weekend and despite being healthy in quarantine in SC, they have fallen ill with pneumonia. Three of the five pups are hospitalized. The good news is that they are improving. The bad news is that their care is very costly. Please consider helping the D pups out!

Aden's Emergency Surgery!

Today Aden was rushed to Southpaws Veterinary Specialists with difficulty breathing. After extracting more than 2 liters of air from his chest (air that was leaking out of his lungs), the vets determined he needed emergency surgery. After a little over an hour, the surgery was complete and Aden one lobe of Aden's left lung was removed. Aden came through the surgery with flying colors and is now resting comfortably. The prognosis at this point is very good.

Lucky Dog now needs to fundraise the $7,000 Aden's emergency surgery costs! Please consider donating!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trixie -- Our Latest Pup Needing Surgery!

Trixie needs a new hip! This young girl has been in pain and has a little limp. She is way too young for this to slow her down. She is scheduled to undergo what is called an FHO surgery to reconstruct her joint. There is a great prognosis for this surgery and it is essential for her to live a happy, active and painfree life! This surgery will cost about 4K and that's before the Physical Therapy and followups. Please help Trixie afford this necessary surgery!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anahola is doing wonderfully! (now Chanel of the POM pair... Coco and Chanel)

I'm not sure how to say it better than the adopters can themselves....

"It's already been a week since Chanel came to us. We don't know how lucky we are to have such affectionate, sweet, lovely, cute, even-tempered, and also a housebroken dog!!
Chanel is so energetic, full of life and spirit. She eats, drinks well, walks TOO well (we didn't want to use leash yet on her due to her restricted mobility, but she walks too fast and too much outside we started using one). She's also very affectionate and adorable, that we can't help ourselves from smiling and laughing whenever/whatever she does. We simply don't know how lucky we are, always having such lovely affectionate Poms. They were all adopted after being abandoned, after all.."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anahola find her new family!

As you can see, Anahola is extremely comfortable! Anahola was adopted today by a wonderful, wonderful family. Two adult sisters came to meet her and adopt her after hearing her story. There other dog was even being hospitalized at the same time and going through a blood transfusion at the time! They didn't hesitate to take another dog that had high needs.

Anahola immediately warmed up giving her little teeny kisses and didn't leave their arms. She will have another Pomeranian to be a sister to, she has a spiffy stroller to get out and about until she is more mobile, and lots of beds and toys to spoil her in her new home.

We will have more updates on her status and lots of pictures. She was renamed Chanel and is the sister to Coco. Too Funny!

We are still in need of funds to cover the cost of her $5000 surgery. It will allow us to take in another dog in need like Anahola. Please pass the blog and information to help Lucky Dog Animal Rescue assist these dogs in need!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Funny Walk!

So Anahola is on activity restrictions and is only allowed to walk short, one room distances, only if necessary. Lets just say, Thank Goodness! Her cute pink cast is causing her quite a bit of frustration and today she actually looked at it, growled and tried to bite it! Too funny!

When she walks, she has to swing it up and around because he little leg is casted very straight. Unfortunately, when you are a 6 lb dog, the cast weighs more than you! If she overcompensates and swings it high, it actually sends her into a handstand! I don't know if it is cute or pitiful. She doesn't seem to care about the handstand, but she can't figure out why this "thing" keeps following her :)

She had a great day today over all besides the awkward strut. She ate well, took her medications like a champ, and pees outside in the snow (we all know that is a feat for a little dog that can get cold fast!).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anahola's first night out of the ICU

Anahola is doing well. She is a little shakey, a little scared, a little painful... but still dishing out the gentle kisses.

What a sweet girl!

She is on pain medication, anti-inflammatories and an antibiotic for a little while. She has a new splint that is a little challenging in the snow because it has to stay dry!

Anahola is cuddling with a 10 year little girl right now and is LOVING IT!

Anahola's Story.....

This little girl (and she is little!), found herself fighting for her life. She had been hit by a car. She was crying and alone. A good samaritan took her to the hospital and didn't have the funding to care for her needed surgury. A quick casting was all she got! Lucky Dog immediately had her transported to the DC area where we had her evaluated by South Paws. Within hours, she was in major orthopedic surgery for 8 fractures in her hind leg. Plates and screws were put in place. Anahola, this sweet pup, woke up in pain and a cast. Lucky Dog was prepared with a foster right away to take her in a care for her during this critical recovery period. Please help Lucky Dog cover the costs of xrays, medications, surgery, and the ICU charges incurred during her medical care. Over $4500 and probably more coming!

Our Great Survivors!

Lucky Dog has worked hard saving the lives of many dogs. All the volunteers at Lucky Dog are grateful to all of the help and donations that have gone to these dogs. Without you, we wouldn't be able to help these wonderful dogs! We would like to remember each of these special dogs and proudly state that they are all in their forever homes!

Little Miss Sunshine, our little Chi:

Jaws, our funny little guy:

Bell, our sweetheart!

Melvin, the goofball:

Kazoo, our smart pup:

Bogey, our true survivor:

We have had so many more too...

As you can see, we need help funding these procedures to help these dogs improve their quality of live and find their forever homes!