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Saturday, November 24, 2012

KAILEY- Victim of a cruel act needs our help!!

Kailey was found when her previous owner abandoned her by throwing her out of a car. Sadly, this caused Kailey to fracture her front leg in multiple places, and she needs serious orthopedic surgery to repair the that is going to cost at least $4000!!!

At 7 months and 8 lbs, this baby girl needs our help to heal and regain the ability to walk again!! Kailey is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. She adores humans of all ages, loves dogs, and even loves cats. We know she is going to make a perfect addition to any lucky family and Lucky Dog plans to do whatever it takes to make sure she finds the most loving and caring home possible to live out the rest of her life!! We need YOUR help to be able to do this! 

Please consider donating to help Kailey get back to 100% and find the loving home she DESERVES! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tre the Pomeranian and the Power of Three

Tre the Pomeranian mix is the friendliest little dog you'll ever meet. He loves dogs and people. After arriving at the shelter, we noticed he has a bad back leg, although he has adapted to it and scoots around on it quite well.  After we did some X-Rays, we noticed lots of loose wires in his hip. It looked  as though someone did a bad job trying to repair a break at one time.  The middle of his femur has been cut out and the wires didn't hold bones together, so his only option is to amputate the back leg.

Tre will be coming to the DC area after his surgery, while our veterinary partners in South Carolina get him on the road to recovery. Meanwhile, we are working hard to find a forever family and pay for his vet bills. Please help our fluffy friend out by sponsoring him and paying for his care, with an estimated cost of $800.
Donate here on the Critical Care Blog's Chip In, or at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Helping Give Dani a Leg to Stand On

Adoptable Dani arrived to Washington, DC on Saturday, August 25th, from the Lenoir County SCPA, in the little town of Kinston, NC. Lucky Dog has been a proud rescue partner for this dedicated shelter for some time, and because of their rescue program with groups like Lucky Dog, nearly 800 dogs' lives, just like Dani's, were saved last year. 

Shortly after Dani got to town to start her new life as a Lucky Dog, her foster mom noticed that after some time playing with her foster sister, Dani showed a slight limp on her right hind leg and ran a little funny.  Under normal conditions and without careful observation, this limp could have easily gone unnoticed, as Dani was careful to put just a little pressure on the leg when she walked, and delicately shifted weight to her left side when she sat back on her haunches. We seemed to think there may be an old injury we should check out as a precaution, and took her to our friends at Hayfield Animal Hospital to get some X-Rays. 

Unfortunately, the X-Rays revealed our Dani has has a luxated hip and will need Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery. Without it, this young lady, at only 1 year old, will continue to lose muscle mass and be arthritic at a very young age. With it, she will be able to recover with some physical therapy and resume a healthy life. 

The cost of this surgery is estimated to be $4,000 before physical therapy and follow-ups, but if you know us by now, then you know all our Lucky Dogs who need critical care while they are in our care receive it, and Dani is no exception. But we need your help!

Please make a donation to Dani's care so that she literally have a leg to stand on. You can donate here on the critical care blog at our Chip In Page, or at 

Thank you for your support, and please also continue to follow up here on the Critical Care Blog to see how our sweet girl is doing through her recovery. We will keep you updated on how she is coming along!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Duncan is quite the amazing little beagle. Hit by a car, left for dead, surgery to repair muscle tissue and hip, infection, and finally amputation. Yet, his tail has not stopped wagging, he has not slowed down, he has not stopped showing his love to everyone he encounters!!

Check out this video of Duncan leaving the vet.

Duncan's foster says he just LOVES kids, loves to play with other dogs, and loves his stuffed animals. He apparently has no idea he is a little different than his canine buddies.

We are so glad Duncan is healing and getting closer to finding his forever home!! Without your support Lucky Dog would not have been able to do what they do best. There are still bills to be paid for Duncan's surgery, please consider helping Lucky Dog out so they can continue to help save pups and introduce them to new loving forever homes!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A bump in Duncan's road to recovery

We just received some unfortunate news about our sweet Duncan. The infection in his right hind leg has gotten much worse and must now be amputated. He received the infection from the open wound caused by getting struck by a car and laying on the side of the road unable to move. Although our volunteer in South Carolina drove him to the best surgeon in the state and has spent countless hours nursing him back to health, the infection has proven to be too powerful and in order to save Duncan we must remove his leg.

BUT...this will not slow him down. In fact, he wakes up everyday unaware that anything is wrong with him and is ready to play and dole out all the love he has to share. He's described as "such a pistol"! He has no shame in his big boy cone of shame or all the bandages wrapped around him. Duncan knows he is safe now and is headed for a lifetime of love in a forever home in DC.

This bump in the road to recovery is a rather big bump (lets be honest here), but it definitely doesn't dampen Duncan's personality or diminish the amount of beagle kisses he wants to share. As we are not in the clear yet with Duncan's recovery we still need your help to offset the cost of yet another surgery but also to spread the word that this sweet pup is looking for a very special furever home! It is because of the incredibly supportive Lucky Dog family that we are able to save pups like Duncan and allow them a second chance at matter how many legs :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweetie Update: Home and Recovering

Sweetie was given the okay to leave the emergency vet this morning. Her foster was greeted with lots and lots of puppy kisses, and she was as enthusiastic as she had been before her incident, jumping up her foster's leg as if nothing happened at all. The vet technician has asked us to monitor Sweetie in case a decrease in appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea should occur, but her blood work also was good. She will be back at the vet this evening to have more blood work completed. Sweetie is on some meds to protect her GI tract and prevent gastric ulcers, but otherwise is doing just fine. As you can see in her photos, Sweetie had an IV catheter in place during her stay at the hospital. Both her front limbs had been shaven for catheter placement and a band aid in place. She is back on her regular diet, and on a walk earlier today was ready to hunt squirrels and birds again, one of her favorite activities! We are relieved that Sweetie is back to her normal bouncy self, and she is now under close supervision back in her foster home.

While her emergency vet visit is through and Sweetie is officially in the clear, we are still raising funds for her treatment and need your support! Please donate to her care here or at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on our loveable Duncan!

Duncan had his JP drain removed yesterday. He is using his leg on his brief slow walks and tolerates the bicycle movements well. He is on 2 pain pills a day instead of 3. Of course, he is very sneaky about taking his meds and we have to hide them in lots of chicken!

Duncan is a very smart, loving boy. He loves when the leash comes off the hook- his tail starts wagging harder. He doesn't seem to complain at all on his walks. In fact, he seems to really enjoy them. We still have to keep him in his big boy cone of shame, due to his high interest in his wound.

Duncan is so grateful to his friends at Lucky Dog and is very excited to heal properly so he can get his 2nd life started in a new forever home!! Please consider helping offset the cost of Duncan's incredible surgery and upcoming weeks of care and physical therapy so we can get this boy on the road to a long and healthy life that he so deserves!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweetie's Scary Emergency Vet Visit

Sweetie is one of the newest members of the Lucky Dog family, thanks to a happenstance wandering into one of our foster's back yards. Though we don't know how long she was out in the elements and she was wearing a collar, she was covered with ticks and didn't have any ID on her. In spite of being lost and within her right to be completely terrified, Sweetie earned her name on account of her super sweet disposition, and curious enthusiasm for life. Lucky for Sweetie, our foster took her in as a good Samaritan act, cleaned her up, pulled over 40 ticks from her body, gave her a warm bed, food, treats, and lots of love. Then she set out to find out where she belonged.

After weeks of flyering, checking with local shelters, visiting vets, and relying on local Lost & Found Dog resources in an attempt to find Sweetie's family, it became apparent that Sweetie's story was taking a different turn from wherever it began. We don't know much about Sweetie's story pre-Lucky Dog, but we can gather that she wasn't very well cared for in her life before she set foot in her new foster's backyard. But now she is a Lucky Dog, in our care, and on her way to a new beginning.

We got her started on a vaccine series, and Sweetie was set to get spayed today. Unfortunately, her spay is now being pushed back on account of that curious enthusiasm that we find so endearing. Sweetie had been prescribed some Rimadyl to recover from her upcoming surgery, which was stowed in her foster's purse in the closet. Having stepped away from Sweetie for a short 5 minutes to take a call, Sweetie's foster came back to discover that Sweetie had gone exploring, and gotten into the pills. All of them were gone, and while our Lucky Pup seemed undaunted, her foster knew this was bad news and immediately called to find out what to do. 

15 lb Sweetie had consumed a highly toxic amount of medicine, which for a dog her size could result in kidney failure and be fatal. Because her foster acted quickly and brought her straight into the emergency vet, things look promising for our adventure girl. She will be there for 72 hours of receiving careful observation and lots of fluids. And because she is a Lucky Dog, we are there to make sure she gets the care she needs for what could otherwise be a fatal mishap, whatever the cost. For us, that now means a $2,500 bill, and a sleepless night for her foster who spent the night at the emergency vet with her.

Those of us who have adopted or fostered a dog know that taking our eyes off our pup for one second can result in mischievous acts. In most cases it's something harmless, though a bit exasperating, and usually makes for an after-the-fact funny story for those who hear about it. A chewed roll of paper towels you left on the floor from a previous puppy mess. Somehow getting into the flour on the kitchen table and making a mess of himself and the floor. The treat bag from your most recent pet shopping trip being broken into while you were putting groceries away (resulting in perhaps a tummy ache but with no other major consequences). In this case, it was terrifying for her foster and all of us in the Lucky Dog family, but we are so grateful that she acted quickly and got her the care she needed in time. 

Sweetie stumbled into a new lucky life, but she needs a little more luck now. Please donate to her care and help us cover this very expensive vet visit, here on the Critical Care Blog, or at to get Sweetie well and ready for her forever home!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duncan's Surgery a Success!!

Duncan's surgery was a success! He is now resting comfortably at his foster's home with his big boy cone of shame and Jackson-Pratt drain. Look at him standing and sporting all his cool devices :)

Duncan has a long road ahead of recovery but with your support he will get there!!! He refuses to give him or let his injuries get in the way of finding his true, loving forever home.

Please consider donating to offset the cost of his surgery and all the follow up care he will need to recover completely!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duncan Needs YOUR Help!

This sweet boy Duncan was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road in South Carolina. THANKFULLY, our volunteer, Pam Nalley, found him and scooped him up so he can get the orthopedic surgery he needs to become all fixed up to find his forever home!!!

Duncan is headed into surgery today in North Carolina for extensive (and expensive) hip, muscle and soft tissue repair. The vet techs have reported that he doesn't stop giving them kisses and he is the sweetest thing. We know he is in good loving hands!

Please consider helping Duncan out so he can get the care he needs to heal properly and make his way to DC to find his true, loving forever home!! Even in hard, painful times Duncan still doles out the beagle love...will you return the love??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Frankie Update!

Almost 3 weeks post-surgery and Frankie is doing fantastic! He went to the vet today for a check-up and everything checked out just great. His muscle mass in his left leg where he has all his pins and wires is even starting to build back up perfectly and the range of motion in his hip is awesome.

Frankie is enjoying his walks outside and although he knows he can't run around and play with the other pups, he likes to just sit and observe. Frankie also loooves to sleep, especially in the human bed. He is a big fan of the rawhides, but has yet to learn how to keep them away from his sneaky sister who likes to steal and hide them from Frankie. His sister better watch out when Frankie is back to full speed- she is going to regret being a brat to him!!

3 more weeks and back to the vet for x-rays to make sure everything is all set for Frankie to start being a puppy again. YAY!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spot makes progress

Spot went into the vet yesterday for a recheck and to get his staples out! The vet was very happy with the weight he is putting on his leg and thinks he is looking very good. Spot is still going to be on restricted activity for some time to come, but the vet is very optimistic about his progress. Spot's PT walks were increased (slightly) so he has more walking to look forward to.

Given Spot's love of meeting new people and his certainty that everyone he meets wants to cuddle with him, I think he enjoys getting to meet all of the new people in the lobby of the vet's office. He did curl up in his favorite bed and sleep the whole way home though :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tavi has found her forever home!

Octavia "Tavi" is in her new home! She was adopted by a wonderful family and they picked her up yesterday. While there were tears shed by foster mom and foster siblings, we can't be more happy for her. Look at her and her new sister having a little snooze last night. Such love. 

We saw the doctor Thursday and he said she looked amazing and lifted her restrictions. Another x-ray will need to be done in a month or two just to make sure she's growing "right" since she is still a puppy and has lots of growing yet to do. She has been taking longer walks and playing and doing some running, so she's definitely on the right road. 

The girls are so happy to have her and they were deciding who's bed she will sleep in...I did warn them she will snore, but its worth it since she's such a cuddle bug. Clearly. 

Here's Tavi with me the night before she went to her forever home. How is that not the sweetest, squishy face you've ever seen? 

We'll keep the masses updated as we receive them from her new family. I think they were actually going to keep her name as Tavi too! How about that? 

Another success story that we can all be happy and proud of. Thank you Lucky Dog for what you do and thank you families for loving them and making them a part of your homes forever. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Devon is Adopted and Doing Great!

We just got an update from Devon's adopter and he's doing great:

Devon is doing great! He really is settling into his new routine here and he has been such a good boy! My family and I are having so much fun with him. I think his jaw is getting better slowly but surely. The muzzle keeps it in place and only comes off twice a day for his meals and medications. He is so good with everything. We will be taking x-rays sometime within the next few weeks I believe to see how the bone is healing.
In the picture here we were sweater shopping for him in Georgetown. He gets so chilly! Devon is slowly learning to walk on the leash but he loves to be held! In the other picture he is with my other dog, Chessie. They are warming up to each other nicely.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spot Passes the One Week Mark

One week ago today Spot went in for surgery to correct his broken leg and fractured pelvis. Spot is becoming more and more like his old self every day. His current favorite game is hiding toys from the toy bin in his bed and his favorite toy is a stuffed Raccoon. Since he hasn't started rough housing or wrestling with the toys, I have decided to indulge the game. He thinks I don't know that he has about ten toys and one of my socks in his bed.

He does look forward to going for his PT walks daily, although they're still very short. He loves stopping to sniff and explore. He will be going back to the doctor next week for a check up and to have the staples from surgery removed. Keep your fingers crossed for a good report.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on Frankie the Champ!

One week ago today Frankie underwent surgery on the triple fracture in his pelvis! Today, he is enjoying relaxing at home and being completely spoiled! Frankie gets to take short walks in the park as part of the healing process and although he can't play or run around just yet, he enjoys sitting and observing...especially since the weather has been so pleasant! During the day he has been content taking naps and chewing on what seems like an endless supply of rawhide bones. Frankie is walking quite well and you would have no idea that he has a bunch of pins and wires in his behind. His foster mom is working hard to keep this puppy quiet!!

Check out Frankie's cool pair of pants he has to wear while walking. They're pretty awesome, although Frankie may beg to differ :)

You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down!

Spot got the go ahead to come home today from the vet. Not only did he get released, but the vets allowed him to walk out all on his own!!! This is amazing given he had surgery just a few days ago to correct a fractured pelvis and fractured tibula/fibula. The vet is encouraging him to go for (very) short walks daily as part of his physical therapy and he is allowed to move around the house as long as he doesn’t jump, run, or attempt the stairs.  If you take a look at Spot’s x-rays I think you’ll agree with me, that he is one amazing little boy!!!

Spot is adjusting well to the new accommodations: following his foster mom and doggie foster brother Stalone, all over the house.  He’s sniffed, checked out all the dog beds, and claimed his own bone that he has been carrying around the house.

Spot has a long road ahead of him, but we are SO proud of the little guy’s fighting spirit. Spot has gotten the all clear to attend adoption events from the vet, as long as he doesn’t too much walking. Spot will be getting his own chair and looks forward to meeting you soon!!

Now, Spot has a message for you!

Spot is going home!!

Spot got the ok to leave the hospital today!! WHOO HOOOO!!! Stay tuned for an update from his new foster!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spot -- another victim of a reckless driver.

We hope bad things happen in threes and that this news is number three in a bad luck streak. Tonight, little Spot got hit by a car. We're not sure how he got out of his foster's house, but once he did, he unsuccessfully tried to cross River road and was hit. The driver did not stop, but luckily a good Samaritan did. She rushed Spot to Friendship Animal Hospital where vets and technicians immediately got to work.

At this time, we know that Spot has multiple fractures in one hind leg and his pelvis. We expect that the orthopedic surgeon will operate tomorrow so long as no complications emerge overnight.

Because this is our third surgery -- the second over $5,000 -- in 2 weeks, we really need help in the fundraising department. Please help Spot by donating through the Click-in on this page or by visiting our donation page.

Frankie Comes Home

Frankie left the hospital yesterday without his pants!! 5 screws and 3 wires later in his left hip, Frankie is recovering quite remarkably at home. He has a fun little sling to take the weight off his back end and an E-collar to help him heal just right. His tail hasn't stopped wagging and he is giving more kisses than before!!

This pup will have to stay quiet for another 6 weeks before being able to run around again! Although he is not too happy about that, he is enjoying laying around and receiving constant belly rubs and lots of treats.

Frankie is a champ.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Frankie is the man!

One day post surgery and Frankie is doing super! He is eating normally, and even almost took off his nurse's hand who was giving him a piece of chicken. He is sporting a very handsome E-collar to keep him from nibbling on his bandages and incisions. Frankie is headed home tomorrow where his foster mom already has his bed, treats and toys ready to go! It will be a long road ahead for his hip to heal and Frankie to play again like he used to but thanks to all the great people at Friendship Hospital for Animals and Lucky Dog, he'll be good as new!!

Devon - Doing Well Following His Surgery!

Devon's report is very positive!!! He is healing very well and gets to leave the hospital!!! And, if that isn't good news, try this... one of the gals who works at Hayfield Animal Hospital has decided to adopt him! WHOOO HOOOO. We're still trying to raise money for the surgery to repair his broken jaw! But, the good news is he gets to recover in a happy ans safe forever home!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Frankie's surgery a success!

Frankie got through his surgery today like a champ! Unfortunately the fracture was more severe than the x-rays originally showed. But, a few pins and wires later to repair the triple fracture, Frankie is recovering at the hospital. Prognosis is good and lots of rest and physical therapy will bring Frankie back to good as new!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poor Frankie was Hit By A Car Last Night

This sweetheart is Frankie. He got away from his foster mom last night and was hit by a car! He needs major orthopedic surgery on his pelvis to fix the two fractures. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow....and the estimate is $5,000!!! Please share Frankie's story so we can fix him up!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Horrible Things Peope Do....

This Little guy is Devon. He was at the vet in South Carolina early last week getting neutered in advance of his big transport to the DC area. As they were intubating him, the vet noticed the back of his jaw was fractured, and recommended immediate follow up. As soon as he made it to the big city, we took him straight to Hayfield Animal Hospital where Dr. Smith took x-rays to confirm.

Devon's entire lower jaw was fractured. It looked like someone KICKED him in the face. How anyone could do that to a 10 lb chihuahua as sweet as little Devon, is completely beyond us!

Devon was immediately scheduled for surgery, part one of which happened yesterday and part two of which happened today. The report is VERY positive!! Dr. Smith was able to wire Devon's lower jaw back together and align it with his top jaw. A few hours after surgery, he was leaping around his crate in the recovery room!

Keep your fingers crossed for little Devon as we monitor him through the weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's the cutest girl?

Tavi is! Look at this sweet face with her squeaky Christmas tiger. She loves this toy. I looked over last night and she was asleep with it between her paws, so of course I woke her up to take pictures. She's getting used to getting her photo taken, as you can tell from her poses and comments. Her silly ear is starting to flip up all the time too. This is a new thing, and it seems to happen often. It's quite cute. 

 "Really? Another photo?"
 "Fine, take it already."
 "I'm literally so bored by this right now" 

"This is not my happy face Ms. Jen, but I know I'm still cute, so one more photo won't hurt." 

She's doing great! She's a pro at entertaining herself if Hanna and Max have other things to do. Of course, she tries to engage the cats, and that doesn't always go over well for her, but she keeps trying. 

She walks very well on her leash and our walks are getting a little longer. She is one spoiled child, that's for sure. 

We will be at the adoption event on Sunday! We look forward to seeing everyone there and hopefully for Tavi to find her forever home. I know I say this every time, but she is truly an amazing girl. She's sweet, loving, she listens (most of the time) and is going to be a GREAT addition to a family. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look at her go!

We had our second swimming therapy today at Old Towne Pet Resort and Tavi had an audience! Ms. Suzy came to see her and cheer her on.  From the moment we walked in, the staff all said hello and wanted to know how she was doing. They love her there! 

Tavi actually played pretty hard this morning, so she was a little tired this afternoon, but she still swam like the little champ she is! 

Check her out...

Ms. Suzy figured out that if she walked around the pool, Tavi would follow so she can do her laps. Check out Ms. Suzy doing just that. Then she and I started taking one side each to help little Tavi along.  

We weighed her on our way out and she's almost 28 lbs! She's growing up so fast. 

Now, she should be asleep for the rest of the afternoon and evening, except of course for her dinner. She would NOT miss that. 

So happy Ms. Suzy came to visit and cheer Tavi on! Tavi was happy she was there. 

She's settled on to her dog bed already curled up in a little black ball as I'm writing. She will soon start to snore :-) 

Till next time Tavi fans....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Love dog alert

Could Octavia, a.k.a "Tavi" be any more adorable? I think not. 

Look at her breaking all boundaries at our house by sharing the dog bed with BOTH DOGS! She cuddled up with Hanna last night and we were so impressed Hanna allowed her to do it, we had to take a couple photos. 

Then as I walk to the living room this morning, there she is with Max! She loves her foster brother and sister. I think she needs at least one other dog in her household to play her silly games and to cuddle next too. 

We had a friend over for dinner last night and he swears she's grown in the week since he saw her last and we think she has too. She gets plenty of outside time and exercise to get her little legs back in shape. 

She is going to be an amazing addition to a family. 

We have another swimming lesson tomorrow afternoon and we're excited that first foster, Ms. Suzy, is going to come watch! Tavi will be thrilled to see her! We'll take pics and more video to post. 

Enjoy your Friday and weekend! Don't forget to come to the adoption event on Sunday at The Dog Shop in Georgetown. We're not sure if Tavi will be there or not, but if you're interested in seeing her sweet face, we'll make a point to come by. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will it actually snow in February?

From 70 degree weather to snow today...could it be? Octavia and the pups enjoyed lots of outside time yesterday, it was so beautiful. Chance was off so the little one got to spend all day  playing and wearing herself out. For a 4 month old puppy, it doesn't take much to wear her out. Some wrestling with her squeaky toy or a little outside time and she's ready for a nap. And when I say nap, I mean, full on snore fest! 

She's eating well, still 3 times a day, and goes to the door when its time to go out and do her business. She sits for her food, sits for her treats, basically sits whenever there's something to eat. She's real smart. 

I don't have any new pics, but I'm hoping with the little bit of snow we will get today, I can get some this afternoon or tonight. 

Tavi is one special pup. She gets around so well, loves other dogs and people, submissive, not at all aggressive, and would make a wonderful addition to any home. She may walk and run (gallop more like it) a little funny, but it doesn't take away from her absolutely adorable face and sweet personality. As most labs, she can be vocal when she yawns or stretches or lays down. Always something to say. 

She needs to be near your neck when she sleeps...not sure why, but I have been woken up several times with her entire nose in my neck. Plus she snores so can't help but wake up. This morning she was spooning with me. She's the biggest lover dog, and we keep telling her that she will get bigger and can't be a lap dog like she is now. She's looks at us funny. I don't think she believes it. 

Stay warm today and I do hope to see some snow!

Another swimming lesson this Saturday at 3pm! I'll make sure to update her blog after with more pics and videos.