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Monday, March 25, 2013


Heath was hit by a car in front of one of our rescue partners in Puerto Rico! Thankfully she was able to catch him after he ran off. Now this sweet boy is part of the LDAR family and we need your help to cover the vet bills for his injuries! Help Heath!

This is the abandoned building Heath ran to hide in after he was hit by the car.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

McDowell needs your help!  

This beautiful golden boy arrived from the shelter with what we thought was a typical case of kennel cough, which is very common in dogs stressed from travel and transitions, and usually resolves after a few days with antibiotics, good food and a warm place to sleep.  Unfortunately, McDowell took a turn for the worse and may have the flu, pneumonia or worse.  In spite of feeling so badly, his sweet, gentle and loving disposition has shown through during the few days he's been in foster!  He had to be taken to the vet, tests are in progress now, he may need an overnight stay in the hospital and his bills are piling up quickly.

Please help us cover the costs of his care today so we can get this great boy feeling better soon!