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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tre the Pomeranian and the Power of Three

Tre the Pomeranian mix is the friendliest little dog you'll ever meet. He loves dogs and people. After arriving at the shelter, we noticed he has a bad back leg, although he has adapted to it and scoots around on it quite well.  After we did some X-Rays, we noticed lots of loose wires in his hip. It looked  as though someone did a bad job trying to repair a break at one time.  The middle of his femur has been cut out and the wires didn't hold bones together, so his only option is to amputate the back leg.

Tre will be coming to the DC area after his surgery, while our veterinary partners in South Carolina get him on the road to recovery. Meanwhile, we are working hard to find a forever family and pay for his vet bills. Please help our fluffy friend out by sponsoring him and paying for his care, with an estimated cost of $800.
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