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Friday, October 25, 2013


After being abandoned by his family because he was too big to fit in the car when they moved, Zeke found himself in a cold shelter. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue came to his rescue and swooped him up and out of the cold shelter.

LADR quickly realized that he was limping and in pain. We did many x-rays and tests only to learn he has sever muscle atrophy in his shoulder and needed surgery. Then ongoing physical therapy.

Zeke went in for shoulder surgery on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. His foster has reported that he came out of surgery a bit droopy, but could tell that he was happy to start his recovery and pain free life!

On the first day of his recovery, Zeke has had to wear a cone to protect him from getting into the area where surgery was performed. Being the scamp that we all have come to love, he quickly learned how to escape the cone! Quick thinking came into play and Zeke's foster family put a t-shirt on him so that he couldn't get out! It makes for such a cute picture.

While all this surgery and recovery does not come at a low cost, we here at LDAR think Zeke is worth every bit of it and hope our supporters do too and will help us cover his recovery!! DONATE TO ZEKE!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Lucky Cat Leo's Amputation

For those of you following Leo's story, he just had his stitches removed! He is no longer hissing at all of the other cats. He is very mobile--he uses his litterbox well & can go up and down the stairs. He is doing SO well now! We are still looking for a bit more to cover his medical care. Every little bit counts!!

Here is the link to Leo's fundraiser:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leeland Update!!

Leeland is ready for Adoption!!  Leeland has started anti-seizure medication and is doing really well!!  We are incredibly optimistic as he hasn't had any fly biting seizures in over a week.  

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is still working on raising the money to cover Leeland's medical bills. We entered the Crowdraise #STARTARYOT please donate at

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Evan Needs A New Leg!!!

Evan is a special puppy: he was born without a right front foot! Despite his disability, however, Evan never slowed down and takes great joy in his life! Lucky Dog had this adorable puppy checked out by

We knew we had to do it!
an orthopedic specialist who recommended we fit him with a prosthesis to help him get around. 
Now, we have to raise $600 to fund it!

Please donate to Evan's new leg! Check out his video!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucky Cats Bailey & Frankie Need a Little extra Luck!

Bailey and Frankie need a little extra Luck!

Many people read about Frankie's trials with his earlier eye surgery and our efforts to save his eye. Unfortunately, we were unable to save Frankie's eye and sadly it needs to be removed. 

Poor Bailey needs dental work to treat severe gum disease, he may even need a few extractions!

Please help us raise the funds to cover these two Lucky Cats so they can continue their search of a forever home as healthy little guys!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scamp: Healing Up and Stealing the Spotlight!

It's been one week since Scamp was released from the hospital, and everything's been coming up roses for our Parvo puppy superhero!  His foster mom reports he is adventuring around (to the extent a quarantined puppy can!) and up to normal puppy shenanigans. He has figured out how to climb out of his exercise pen and joins his foster family in the kitchen if they leave the room. He's a perfectly happy, goofy puppy, but not crazy. He had lost some weight while he was battling the virus, but his foster reports his appetite is healthy and he's now up to 21 lbs. He is going to be a big boy, especially if he continues to eat like he does and grows into his paws!

Scamp also had an opportunity this week to take part with his human foster sister in filming for our new Lucky Dog Documentary, currently in production with our friends from Creative Liquid Productions. And, as it turns out, the camera loves him as much as every person he's come in contact with does.

Though he's a cinematic natural, Scamp's film appearances are pro bono and he's not collecting any royalties, which means we continue to fundraise on behalf of him and his emergency vet care! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scamp's Second Homecoming

It's been a busy week for little Scamp, who has been in the hospital, out of the hospital, and then back in again! Scamp's foster mom picked him up at Friendship Animal Hospital in DC this morning, after receiving the okay from the doctors that he was healthy enough to head home.

Though it's not the best picture since he's a little obscured by the travel crate, we can't help but think Scamp's excitement to be on his way home is pretty well captured.

Scamp would like to thank everyone who has been rooting for him and who has donated to his care. Two hospital trips adds up to a vet bill of over $4,000, so we are not done fundraising yet! 

If you haven't already, please SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for this very happy puppy face that is here today because of life-saving help from the Lucky Dog Critical Care Fund!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCAMP UPDATE! Our Little fighter!


Scamp gave us a scare the other day - just 24 hours after getting out of the hospital he started to show signs of Parvo agan and had to go to right back in.

Scamp is doing better today!  He is eating on his own and the vet tells ups he is starting to show his puppy perkiness!!  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that he continues to improve and can come home tomorrow!!! As you know, this is Scamp's second hospital!!  His total bill is closing in on $4,000!!! 

Please consider donating to cover Scamp's hospital bills.!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Scamp: A Parvo Puppy Survivor!!

Our Lucky Dog family was absolutely heartbroken last Thursday when after fighting for five hard days, and doing all we possibly could to save him, Suede took a turn for the worse and lost his battle with Parvo.  Still, we were able to take some comfort in knowing that Suede was able to know love and the best care we could offer, and with his loving foster mom by his side in his final moments. We also were grateful that the highly contagious disease had seemingly been caught early enough that his three siblings, Scamp, Scooter and Squint, had not contracted it.

Or so we thought.

Saturday, Scamp's foster parents noticed he was a bit under the weather and rushed him to the emergency vet, where we were devastated to find he had received a positive test for Parvovirus. All we could hope was it had been caught early enough that he could have a better outcome than his brother. We fretted, and we followed up on his treatment over the next couple of days.

The Good News:  The vet reported Sunday night that Scamp ate dinner and his last diarrhea was before noon that day.

The Even Better News: As of this morning (Monday), Scamp's blood work was normal, his appetite is VERY healthy, and he has charmed the vet staff to no end with his cuteness.

The BEST News: Scamp is doing really well and we just got word he was cleared for release from the hospital tonight!

Scamp will be going to a new foster to recover in quarantine, since he will continue to shed virus for a few more weeks and we want to be sure his sisters continue to not be exposed. We will continue to post updates on how he is doing in foster, while he continues looking for his forever home.

With last week's emergency vet needs for Suede and Bubba, the news of Scamp's Parvo diagnosis was even more tough for us to handle, but we are SO grateful for the outcome. Still, his total vet costs are $2,000 and we need your support more than ever!

Please DONATE to help us pay for the medical care that saved this sweet puppy's life!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update on Bubba's Results

Bubba's testing revealed swelling in the muscle around his head as well as behind his eyes -- likely the result of a severe trauma. (POOR BABY!) The good news is that it will likely not get worse and may get better.  The vet prescribed a number of medications to help with the pain and swelling.  We are monitoring him closely and are grateful that, at this point, it does not look like a serious disease.

Thank you all for your support and god thoughts for Bubba!


I know our Lucky Dog family is very focused on helping Suede, but we just got some bad news about another one of our pups, Bubba. 

Bubba was recently returned because he was suffering from neurological issues, including wobbly legs and some blindness.  We sent him to the neurologist today, and the cost of diagnostics is $2,500!!!!

We can't stand to see this boy suffer, and the tests have been authorized.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Touch and Go Throughout the Night

We got a call last night around 1am from Friendship Animal Hospital.  Suede's temperature was up, his blood pressure was down, and the vet was worried this might be the end.  We authorized more meds, more care . . . more money.

We are waiting for our morning update. 

Suede's Care has reached $5,000.  We have only raised a small fraction of that.  Please keep him in your thoughts and help if you can.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Suede Needs Help!

Suede was rushed to the hospital early Sunday morning and is in critical condition!  We think this poor puppy has parvo virus, a deadly disease responsible for thousands of puppy deaths each year.  Though there is no "cure," immediate supportive care gives puppies the best chance of fighting off the virus.  

Estimated cost to save Suede:$3,000-4000!!!  

Please help by donating today!

Suede's Story
Sued arrived on Saturday, June 15th with his three litter mates from a shelter in South Carolina.

Suede, Scamp, Squint and Scooter

These sweet Lab Mix babies are 9 weeks old and started their life where no puppy should have to, in a high kill shelter.  Our South Carolina volunteers saved the puppies and quarantined them before transport, making sure they received the first two shots in their puppy shot series.  While this is usually enough protection for puppies to be safe for travel, in Suede's case, it was not.

Suede says "Hi!" to his foster mom at transport

We know how delicate the immune systems of puppies are, and Suede was taken to the emergency hospital as soon as his foster noticed signs of sickness.  Thanks to the quick response of Suede's foster mom, and the vet care he is receiving, we are optimistic that Suede appears to be on the mend. His litter mates will remain under close supervision, but also seem not to have caught the virus, thank goodness!

However, Suede will need to remain in the hospital for 3-4 more days before he can be released and placed into a new foster separate from his litter, and his emergency care bill is estimated to be anywhere from $3,000-$4,000! 

We are so grateful to his foster and the medical team working with Suede on his recovery, but now we need YOUR help. 

Please make a donation to support Suede's care while he continues to get better and ready for his forever home at

Thank you for your support, and please continue to check back on the Critical Care Blog for updates on Suede's progress!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Little Frankie has been doing well since you last heard from him!  Thanks to YOUR contributions, Frank was able to have his eye surgery--and his third eyelid was cut open.  However, within 3-4 days, his eyelid closed again. His vet believes that the eye underneath is no longer healthy. Depending on his health over the next few weeks, his eye may be removed or sewn shut during his neuter surgery. He is currently still receiving some expensive eye medications, so we are still hoping for donations to cover these costs!

Other than his eye, Frank has been so healthy and happy! Frank loves to play and romp with his siblings. And he loves to snuggle on his foster family's lap.  Frank is still looking for his forever family!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Frank is in need of eye surgery!

Little Frank is in need of eye surgery!  

Due to a nasty upper respiratory infection, poor little Frank's eye became very irritated and infected and eventually closed shut.  His infection is almost cleared, however his third eyelid has fused together--and it needs to be cut apart.  The vets believe that his eye beneath is healthy--but we need to do this surgery to be sure--and get him back to normal!
You wouldn't know that Frankie hasn't been feeling his best.  He is an absolute doll!  He loves to sit on your lap and follows his humans around like a puppy dog!  Having his cold and irritated eye has not slowed him down at all.  He is still full of personality and love!  And he loves to eat--you can see from the food on his chin in his picture!
At the end of April, Frank and his family arrived in his Northern VA foster home after living most all of his short life in a high-kill North Carolina shelter.

Please help LDAR Support Frank's Surgery and aftercare!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Great news on our wonderful yellow lab in Puerto Rico!! The vet said that Heath's leg is healing well. It will still be a few more weeks until they can take his cast off, but everyone at LDAR is counting the days for him!!  

Heath's tail is wagging more these days, but he is in serious need of pampering and exercise.  Heath is currently keeping things calm, but you can tell there is a playful dog inside that he is not quite letting out yet.  Heath's skin and fur are looking amazing these days and he has gained weight.  Once Heath gets his cast removed, he gets to go to Doggie DayCare to start feeling like the playful boy we know he is and it will also help get him ready for his long flight to starting his new life!!

Heath thanks everyone for their support to date, but still has some bills to cover and could still use everyone at LDAR's support. He's come such a long way!!


Friday, April 5, 2013



Our Sweet Lab Mix is on the mend!! The vet reports that Heath is doing better and that his injuries are healing well. His skin is improving fast and he has gain a bit of weight in the 2 weeks he's been there. 

Heath is becoming more outgoing and staff members are really taken with him. Heath's even starting to play with the vet staff.  He still needs at least 2 or 3 weeks at the vet for complete recuperation, but you can tell he's ready to go. Heath has been gazing though the glass door, very excited to be fully recuperated so he go out again. He can't yet, but we hope soon he'll be able to talk around and play outside!

Heath is on his way to recovery, but Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is still working to cover his surgery and vet stay. Please donate to help heath!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Heath was hit by a car in front of one of our rescue partners in Puerto Rico! Thankfully she was able to catch him after he ran off. Now this sweet boy is part of the LDAR family and we need your help to cover the vet bills for his injuries! Help Heath!

This is the abandoned building Heath ran to hide in after he was hit by the car.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

McDowell needs your help!  

This beautiful golden boy arrived from the shelter with what we thought was a typical case of kennel cough, which is very common in dogs stressed from travel and transitions, and usually resolves after a few days with antibiotics, good food and a warm place to sleep.  Unfortunately, McDowell took a turn for the worse and may have the flu, pneumonia or worse.  In spite of feeling so badly, his sweet, gentle and loving disposition has shown through during the few days he's been in foster!  He had to be taken to the vet, tests are in progress now, he may need an overnight stay in the hospital and his bills are piling up quickly.

Please help us cover the costs of his care today so we can get this great boy feeling better soon! 


Monday, February 4, 2013

A Good Outlook for Mistletoe

You may remember us writing a month ago about a Lucky Kitten named Mistletoe, who was in need of some funding to see a vision specialist after losing her sight. Thanks to your support, Mistletoe saw Dr. Corcoran at Vet Vision Friday morning and we received very good news.

Dr. C believes the scarring was most likely caused by the Herpes virus.  She took Mistletoe off all her meds except for steroid eye drops to keep her membranes from getting inflamed.  She feels that the scar tissue growing over and around the eye can be removed as well as a small portion of the 3rd eyelid, which has scarred in place.  This will:

1)  allow Mistletoe's eyes to continue to grow normally...right now they are being tethered by the scarred tissues and
2) improve her vision immensely.

She should be good to go after the surgery, only needing an ointment during the healing period to keep the scarred tissue from recurring. She will be having surgery on the 11th of February and hopefully we will have a great outcome!

In the mean time, Mistletoe can relax a little knowing that her Lucky Dog family has helped her get the care she needs. And what better resting place than a nap in her kitty activity tower?

On behalf of Mistletoe and our other Critical Care pets, thank you for your support! To help more Lucky Dogs and Lucky Cats like Mistletoe, make a donation here on the Critical Care blog, or at

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boss: A Big Boy Needing Big Love

A picture's worth a thousand words, but sometimes, a dog's resilience can't be measured in numbers. 

Meet Boss, one of our newest Lucky Dogs looking for a forever home. Rescued by the Washington Humane Society from a horrible abuse situation, this big boy was completely emaciated, at almost half what his healthy weight should have been. He had a terrible skin infection and was in desperate need of some TLC.

He was soon after taken in by our Lucky Dog Animal Rescue foster boarding partner, Wagtime, in an effort to get him healthy and adoption ready. Together, we set out to offer Boss the new life he deserved. His bio and information on adopting can be viewed HERE.

Despite the rough road he found himself on through no fault of his own, Boss has maintained a sweet, incredibly loving disposition. He greets clients at Wagtime Too's front desk and very nicely will ask for treats and pets...and since he's got to put on some weight, how could anyone say no to that  sweet face? 

This past weekend, Boss attended his first Lucky Dog adoption event, and he was a very popular adoptable! Boss continues down the road to recovery, and he gets better every day. He has been readily putting on weight, and his skin is beginning to clear up. We can't help but notice how handsome our boy looked this past weekend while he loved on people and looked for a forever home that is going to give him a much brighter future. While we can't begin to imagine the stories Boss could tell us from his life before his rescue story, we're grateful to play a part in helping him write a new one. 

You can support our efforts in helping support dogs like Boss at

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mistletoe the Lucky Kitten Needs Your Help to See Again!

Mistletoe is a young orange and white kitten. She was left at a rural VA shelter with her siblings. Sadly she caught a cold-a very treatable illness. With no resources for such expenses Mistletoe went without much needed medication. The cold got worse and went into her eyes. A rescuer took pity on her and pulled her from the shelter before she was euthanised. Sadly her eyes were damaged to the point of vision loss due to ulcers and scarred tissue forming. She has been seen by a veternary opthamologist who prescribed a regiment of antibiotics (oral and eye drops) in the hopes of clearing up the last of the infection and reclaiming some of her sight. Mistletoe doesn't let her circumstances get her down. She has remained sweet, playful and social. She loves interacting with humans, other cats and dogs. She especially enjoys trying to catch her tail-it always seems to be following her.

Mistletoe needs to see a specialist to make sure there is nothing more than can be done for her eyes or to improve her chance of regaining or improving her vision. Please help us to fund her veterinary needs and follow up care with a donation to her page!

You may also donate on our website at and learn how to adopt Mistletoe at

On behalf of Mistletoe, thank you for your support!