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Friday, January 4, 2013

Mistletoe the Lucky Kitten Needs Your Help to See Again!

Mistletoe is a young orange and white kitten. She was left at a rural VA shelter with her siblings. Sadly she caught a cold-a very treatable illness. With no resources for such expenses Mistletoe went without much needed medication. The cold got worse and went into her eyes. A rescuer took pity on her and pulled her from the shelter before she was euthanised. Sadly her eyes were damaged to the point of vision loss due to ulcers and scarred tissue forming. She has been seen by a veternary opthamologist who prescribed a regiment of antibiotics (oral and eye drops) in the hopes of clearing up the last of the infection and reclaiming some of her sight. Mistletoe doesn't let her circumstances get her down. She has remained sweet, playful and social. She loves interacting with humans, other cats and dogs. She especially enjoys trying to catch her tail-it always seems to be following her.

Mistletoe needs to see a specialist to make sure there is nothing more than can be done for her eyes or to improve her chance of regaining or improving her vision. Please help us to fund her veterinary needs and follow up care with a donation to her page!

You may also donate on our website at and learn how to adopt Mistletoe at

On behalf of Mistletoe, thank you for your support!

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