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Friday, October 25, 2013


After being abandoned by his family because he was too big to fit in the car when they moved, Zeke found himself in a cold shelter. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue came to his rescue and swooped him up and out of the cold shelter.

LADR quickly realized that he was limping and in pain. We did many x-rays and tests only to learn he has sever muscle atrophy in his shoulder and needed surgery. Then ongoing physical therapy.

Zeke went in for shoulder surgery on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. His foster has reported that he came out of surgery a bit droopy, but could tell that he was happy to start his recovery and pain free life!

On the first day of his recovery, Zeke has had to wear a cone to protect him from getting into the area where surgery was performed. Being the scamp that we all have come to love, he quickly learned how to escape the cone! Quick thinking came into play and Zeke's foster family put a t-shirt on him so that he couldn't get out! It makes for such a cute picture.

While all this surgery and recovery does not come at a low cost, we here at LDAR think Zeke is worth every bit of it and hope our supporters do too and will help us cover his recovery!! DONATE TO ZEKE!