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Monday, April 25, 2011

Trixie in Action!

Since Trixie's FHO surgery this past January, she's been working daily on healing and doing her physical therapy. This April, Trixie has made leaps and bounds in her recovery - literally! Most dogs need to be trained not to jump up. For Trixie, she is learning how to jump up so she can build her hind leg muscles, which suffered severe atrophy post-surgery. She started with small bunny hops but now, she's standing tall for treats! GREAT JOB TRIXIE!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why We Do What We Do

Giving Lucky Dogs the medical care that they need sometimes means thousands of dollars in vet bills and a long road to recovery. Trixie has been recovering from hip surgery for over two months and still requires physical therapy every day. As you can see from her foster's note below, she is worth every penny and all the work that goes into her rehab, including twice-a-day physical therapy sessions and trips to the vet. This is why we take care of the Lucky Dogs - because they take care of us too!

"Trixie is such a sweet and loving dog with a wonderful disposition. She loves doing her physical therapy and of course the treats she earns as her reward. Trixie has a wonderful habit of leaning on you and sitting very close to make sure you know that she is there. Then she smiles and puts her paw out as if to pet you. It is so cute! Trixie is a gem of a dog and we are praying that she will find the right family very soon - a good family that deserves such a wonderful companion."