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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A bump in Duncan's road to recovery

We just received some unfortunate news about our sweet Duncan. The infection in his right hind leg has gotten much worse and must now be amputated. He received the infection from the open wound caused by getting struck by a car and laying on the side of the road unable to move. Although our volunteer in South Carolina drove him to the best surgeon in the state and has spent countless hours nursing him back to health, the infection has proven to be too powerful and in order to save Duncan we must remove his leg.

BUT...this will not slow him down. In fact, he wakes up everyday unaware that anything is wrong with him and is ready to play and dole out all the love he has to share. He's described as "such a pistol"! He has no shame in his big boy cone of shame or all the bandages wrapped around him. Duncan knows he is safe now and is headed for a lifetime of love in a forever home in DC.

This bump in the road to recovery is a rather big bump (lets be honest here), but it definitely doesn't dampen Duncan's personality or diminish the amount of beagle kisses he wants to share. As we are not in the clear yet with Duncan's recovery we still need your help to offset the cost of yet another surgery but also to spread the word that this sweet pup is looking for a very special furever home! It is because of the incredibly supportive Lucky Dog family that we are able to save pups like Duncan and allow them a second chance at matter how many legs :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweetie Update: Home and Recovering

Sweetie was given the okay to leave the emergency vet this morning. Her foster was greeted with lots and lots of puppy kisses, and she was as enthusiastic as she had been before her incident, jumping up her foster's leg as if nothing happened at all. The vet technician has asked us to monitor Sweetie in case a decrease in appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea should occur, but her blood work also was good. She will be back at the vet this evening to have more blood work completed. Sweetie is on some meds to protect her GI tract and prevent gastric ulcers, but otherwise is doing just fine. As you can see in her photos, Sweetie had an IV catheter in place during her stay at the hospital. Both her front limbs had been shaven for catheter placement and a band aid in place. She is back on her regular diet, and on a walk earlier today was ready to hunt squirrels and birds again, one of her favorite activities! We are relieved that Sweetie is back to her normal bouncy self, and she is now under close supervision back in her foster home.

While her emergency vet visit is through and Sweetie is officially in the clear, we are still raising funds for her treatment and need your support! Please donate to her care here or at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on our loveable Duncan!

Duncan had his JP drain removed yesterday. He is using his leg on his brief slow walks and tolerates the bicycle movements well. He is on 2 pain pills a day instead of 3. Of course, he is very sneaky about taking his meds and we have to hide them in lots of chicken!

Duncan is a very smart, loving boy. He loves when the leash comes off the hook- his tail starts wagging harder. He doesn't seem to complain at all on his walks. In fact, he seems to really enjoy them. We still have to keep him in his big boy cone of shame, due to his high interest in his wound.

Duncan is so grateful to his friends at Lucky Dog and is very excited to heal properly so he can get his 2nd life started in a new forever home!! Please consider helping offset the cost of Duncan's incredible surgery and upcoming weeks of care and physical therapy so we can get this boy on the road to a long and healthy life that he so deserves!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweetie's Scary Emergency Vet Visit

Sweetie is one of the newest members of the Lucky Dog family, thanks to a happenstance wandering into one of our foster's back yards. Though we don't know how long she was out in the elements and she was wearing a collar, she was covered with ticks and didn't have any ID on her. In spite of being lost and within her right to be completely terrified, Sweetie earned her name on account of her super sweet disposition, and curious enthusiasm for life. Lucky for Sweetie, our foster took her in as a good Samaritan act, cleaned her up, pulled over 40 ticks from her body, gave her a warm bed, food, treats, and lots of love. Then she set out to find out where she belonged.

After weeks of flyering, checking with local shelters, visiting vets, and relying on local Lost & Found Dog resources in an attempt to find Sweetie's family, it became apparent that Sweetie's story was taking a different turn from wherever it began. We don't know much about Sweetie's story pre-Lucky Dog, but we can gather that she wasn't very well cared for in her life before she set foot in her new foster's backyard. But now she is a Lucky Dog, in our care, and on her way to a new beginning.

We got her started on a vaccine series, and Sweetie was set to get spayed today. Unfortunately, her spay is now being pushed back on account of that curious enthusiasm that we find so endearing. Sweetie had been prescribed some Rimadyl to recover from her upcoming surgery, which was stowed in her foster's purse in the closet. Having stepped away from Sweetie for a short 5 minutes to take a call, Sweetie's foster came back to discover that Sweetie had gone exploring, and gotten into the pills. All of them were gone, and while our Lucky Pup seemed undaunted, her foster knew this was bad news and immediately called to find out what to do. 

15 lb Sweetie had consumed a highly toxic amount of medicine, which for a dog her size could result in kidney failure and be fatal. Because her foster acted quickly and brought her straight into the emergency vet, things look promising for our adventure girl. She will be there for 72 hours of receiving careful observation and lots of fluids. And because she is a Lucky Dog, we are there to make sure she gets the care she needs for what could otherwise be a fatal mishap, whatever the cost. For us, that now means a $2,500 bill, and a sleepless night for her foster who spent the night at the emergency vet with her.

Those of us who have adopted or fostered a dog know that taking our eyes off our pup for one second can result in mischievous acts. In most cases it's something harmless, though a bit exasperating, and usually makes for an after-the-fact funny story for those who hear about it. A chewed roll of paper towels you left on the floor from a previous puppy mess. Somehow getting into the flour on the kitchen table and making a mess of himself and the floor. The treat bag from your most recent pet shopping trip being broken into while you were putting groceries away (resulting in perhaps a tummy ache but with no other major consequences). In this case, it was terrifying for her foster and all of us in the Lucky Dog family, but we are so grateful that she acted quickly and got her the care she needed in time. 

Sweetie stumbled into a new lucky life, but she needs a little more luck now. Please donate to her care and help us cover this very expensive vet visit, here on the Critical Care Blog, or at to get Sweetie well and ready for her forever home!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duncan's Surgery a Success!!

Duncan's surgery was a success! He is now resting comfortably at his foster's home with his big boy cone of shame and Jackson-Pratt drain. Look at him standing and sporting all his cool devices :)

Duncan has a long road ahead of recovery but with your support he will get there!!! He refuses to give him or let his injuries get in the way of finding his true, loving forever home.

Please consider donating to offset the cost of his surgery and all the follow up care he will need to recover completely!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duncan Needs YOUR Help!

This sweet boy Duncan was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road in South Carolina. THANKFULLY, our volunteer, Pam Nalley, found him and scooped him up so he can get the orthopedic surgery he needs to become all fixed up to find his forever home!!!

Duncan is headed into surgery today in North Carolina for extensive (and expensive) hip, muscle and soft tissue repair. The vet techs have reported that he doesn't stop giving them kisses and he is the sweetest thing. We know he is in good loving hands!

Please consider helping Duncan out so he can get the care he needs to heal properly and make his way to DC to find his true, loving forever home!! Even in hard, painful times Duncan still doles out the beagle love...will you return the love??