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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scamp's Second Homecoming

It's been a busy week for little Scamp, who has been in the hospital, out of the hospital, and then back in again! Scamp's foster mom picked him up at Friendship Animal Hospital in DC this morning, after receiving the okay from the doctors that he was healthy enough to head home.

Though it's not the best picture since he's a little obscured by the travel crate, we can't help but think Scamp's excitement to be on his way home is pretty well captured.

Scamp would like to thank everyone who has been rooting for him and who has donated to his care. Two hospital trips adds up to a vet bill of over $4,000, so we are not done fundraising yet! 

If you haven't already, please SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for this very happy puppy face that is here today because of life-saving help from the Lucky Dog Critical Care Fund!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCAMP UPDATE! Our Little fighter!


Scamp gave us a scare the other day - just 24 hours after getting out of the hospital he started to show signs of Parvo agan and had to go to right back in.

Scamp is doing better today!  He is eating on his own and the vet tells ups he is starting to show his puppy perkiness!!  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that he continues to improve and can come home tomorrow!!! As you know, this is Scamp's second hospital!!  His total bill is closing in on $4,000!!! 

Please consider donating to cover Scamp's hospital bills.!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Scamp: A Parvo Puppy Survivor!!

Our Lucky Dog family was absolutely heartbroken last Thursday when after fighting for five hard days, and doing all we possibly could to save him, Suede took a turn for the worse and lost his battle with Parvo.  Still, we were able to take some comfort in knowing that Suede was able to know love and the best care we could offer, and with his loving foster mom by his side in his final moments. We also were grateful that the highly contagious disease had seemingly been caught early enough that his three siblings, Scamp, Scooter and Squint, had not contracted it.

Or so we thought.

Saturday, Scamp's foster parents noticed he was a bit under the weather and rushed him to the emergency vet, where we were devastated to find he had received a positive test for Parvovirus. All we could hope was it had been caught early enough that he could have a better outcome than his brother. We fretted, and we followed up on his treatment over the next couple of days.

The Good News:  The vet reported Sunday night that Scamp ate dinner and his last diarrhea was before noon that day.

The Even Better News: As of this morning (Monday), Scamp's blood work was normal, his appetite is VERY healthy, and he has charmed the vet staff to no end with his cuteness.

The BEST News: Scamp is doing really well and we just got word he was cleared for release from the hospital tonight!

Scamp will be going to a new foster to recover in quarantine, since he will continue to shed virus for a few more weeks and we want to be sure his sisters continue to not be exposed. We will continue to post updates on how he is doing in foster, while he continues looking for his forever home.

With last week's emergency vet needs for Suede and Bubba, the news of Scamp's Parvo diagnosis was even more tough for us to handle, but we are SO grateful for the outcome. Still, his total vet costs are $2,000 and we need your support more than ever!

Please DONATE to help us pay for the medical care that saved this sweet puppy's life!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update on Bubba's Results

Bubba's testing revealed swelling in the muscle around his head as well as behind his eyes -- likely the result of a severe trauma. (POOR BABY!) The good news is that it will likely not get worse and may get better.  The vet prescribed a number of medications to help with the pain and swelling.  We are monitoring him closely and are grateful that, at this point, it does not look like a serious disease.

Thank you all for your support and god thoughts for Bubba!


I know our Lucky Dog family is very focused on helping Suede, but we just got some bad news about another one of our pups, Bubba. 

Bubba was recently returned because he was suffering from neurological issues, including wobbly legs and some blindness.  We sent him to the neurologist today, and the cost of diagnostics is $2,500!!!!

We can't stand to see this boy suffer, and the tests have been authorized.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Touch and Go Throughout the Night

We got a call last night around 1am from Friendship Animal Hospital.  Suede's temperature was up, his blood pressure was down, and the vet was worried this might be the end.  We authorized more meds, more care . . . more money.

We are waiting for our morning update. 

Suede's Care has reached $5,000.  We have only raised a small fraction of that.  Please keep him in your thoughts and help if you can.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Suede Needs Help!

Suede was rushed to the hospital early Sunday morning and is in critical condition!  We think this poor puppy has parvo virus, a deadly disease responsible for thousands of puppy deaths each year.  Though there is no "cure," immediate supportive care gives puppies the best chance of fighting off the virus.  

Estimated cost to save Suede:$3,000-4000!!!  

Please help by donating today!

Suede's Story
Sued arrived on Saturday, June 15th with his three litter mates from a shelter in South Carolina.

Suede, Scamp, Squint and Scooter

These sweet Lab Mix babies are 9 weeks old and started their life where no puppy should have to, in a high kill shelter.  Our South Carolina volunteers saved the puppies and quarantined them before transport, making sure they received the first two shots in their puppy shot series.  While this is usually enough protection for puppies to be safe for travel, in Suede's case, it was not.

Suede says "Hi!" to his foster mom at transport

We know how delicate the immune systems of puppies are, and Suede was taken to the emergency hospital as soon as his foster noticed signs of sickness.  Thanks to the quick response of Suede's foster mom, and the vet care he is receiving, we are optimistic that Suede appears to be on the mend. His litter mates will remain under close supervision, but also seem not to have caught the virus, thank goodness!

However, Suede will need to remain in the hospital for 3-4 more days before he can be released and placed into a new foster separate from his litter, and his emergency care bill is estimated to be anywhere from $3,000-$4,000! 

We are so grateful to his foster and the medical team working with Suede on his recovery, but now we need YOUR help. 

Please make a donation to support Suede's care while he continues to get better and ready for his forever home at

Thank you for your support, and please continue to check back on the Critical Care Blog for updates on Suede's progress!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Little Frankie has been doing well since you last heard from him!  Thanks to YOUR contributions, Frank was able to have his eye surgery--and his third eyelid was cut open.  However, within 3-4 days, his eyelid closed again. His vet believes that the eye underneath is no longer healthy. Depending on his health over the next few weeks, his eye may be removed or sewn shut during his neuter surgery. He is currently still receiving some expensive eye medications, so we are still hoping for donations to cover these costs!

Other than his eye, Frank has been so healthy and happy! Frank loves to play and romp with his siblings. And he loves to snuggle on his foster family's lap.  Frank is still looking for his forever family!