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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Evan Needs A New Leg!!!

Evan is a special puppy: he was born without a right front foot! Despite his disability, however, Evan never slowed down and takes great joy in his life! Lucky Dog had this adorable puppy checked out by

We knew we had to do it!
an orthopedic specialist who recommended we fit him with a prosthesis to help him get around. 
Now, we have to raise $600 to fund it!

Please donate to Evan's new leg! Check out his video!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucky Cats Bailey & Frankie Need a Little extra Luck!

Bailey and Frankie need a little extra Luck!

Many people read about Frankie's trials with his earlier eye surgery and our efforts to save his eye. Unfortunately, we were unable to save Frankie's eye and sadly it needs to be removed. 

Poor Bailey needs dental work to treat severe gum disease, he may even need a few extractions!

Please help us raise the funds to cover these two Lucky Cats so they can continue their search of a forever home as healthy little guys!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scamp: Healing Up and Stealing the Spotlight!

It's been one week since Scamp was released from the hospital, and everything's been coming up roses for our Parvo puppy superhero!  His foster mom reports he is adventuring around (to the extent a quarantined puppy can!) and up to normal puppy shenanigans. He has figured out how to climb out of his exercise pen and joins his foster family in the kitchen if they leave the room. He's a perfectly happy, goofy puppy, but not crazy. He had lost some weight while he was battling the virus, but his foster reports his appetite is healthy and he's now up to 21 lbs. He is going to be a big boy, especially if he continues to eat like he does and grows into his paws!

Scamp also had an opportunity this week to take part with his human foster sister in filming for our new Lucky Dog Documentary, currently in production with our friends from Creative Liquid Productions. And, as it turns out, the camera loves him as much as every person he's come in contact with does.

Though he's a cinematic natural, Scamp's film appearances are pro bono and he's not collecting any royalties, which means we continue to fundraise on behalf of him and his emergency vet care!