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Monday, February 4, 2013

A Good Outlook for Mistletoe

You may remember us writing a month ago about a Lucky Kitten named Mistletoe, who was in need of some funding to see a vision specialist after losing her sight. Thanks to your support, Mistletoe saw Dr. Corcoran at Vet Vision Friday morning and we received very good news.

Dr. C believes the scarring was most likely caused by the Herpes virus.  She took Mistletoe off all her meds except for steroid eye drops to keep her membranes from getting inflamed.  She feels that the scar tissue growing over and around the eye can be removed as well as a small portion of the 3rd eyelid, which has scarred in place.  This will:

1)  allow Mistletoe's eyes to continue to grow normally...right now they are being tethered by the scarred tissues and
2) improve her vision immensely.

She should be good to go after the surgery, only needing an ointment during the healing period to keep the scarred tissue from recurring. She will be having surgery on the 11th of February and hopefully we will have a great outcome!

In the mean time, Mistletoe can relax a little knowing that her Lucky Dog family has helped her get the care she needs. And what better resting place than a nap in her kitty activity tower?

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