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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: From the pup who's tail never stops wagging, a plea from Matty D!

Let me introduce myself to thee,

My name is Matty D!
I’m writing to all you fine ladies and men,
Because I need your help to hear again!

I’m white and fluffy,
(Definitely not scruffy).
I really love to cuddle and play,
But most of my hearing has gone away :(

I’m hoping that with your help,
I’ll be able to hear the other dogs yelp,
It has been oh so long,
Since I’ve been able to hear my own songs.

With just a little kindness from you,
I'll no longer be blue,
I'll finally be able to go out and play,
Able to hear what all my friends have to say!

Please don’t pause,
Donate today to this great cause!
I will give you a personal round of applause,
With my very own puppy paws!

~ Matty

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