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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: Matthew Dillon Proves to Nicole that Age is Really Just a Number

Matty had the most adventurous Sunday! He went hiking in northern Virginia on Scott's Run to see the waterfalls, and boy was he excited! He ran almost the whole way there and even when we stopped to rest he kept trying nudge me to keep going. I had to make him stop twice to drink water because he just didn't want to stop!! Two and half hours later and he was still all energy, splashing in the water and greeting everyone we passed on the trail (four legs and two). Goes to show that no matter how old you are in dog or human years, its all about a state of mind. For Matty, hes still a puppy at heart.
Matty loved his frolic in the woods but would love to have heard the waterfalls and great compliments he got from all the other hikers (he really is quite the charmer). Matty needs your help to remove the polyps in his ears causing him to have painful and chronic ear infections and that are causing him loss of hearing. To donate for his surgery, visit - Nicole

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