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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: How Matty D Found Foster Mom Nicole!

I have been fostering for a year and a half now and my current foster, lucky number 9, needs a little extra help! Matthew Dillon, or Matty D as he's more commonly and affectionately known around our house, has come such a long way in the six months I've had him - going from a slow old man, who couldn't even make it a block around our street out of exhaustion, tangled and matted hair, to the biggest goof ball who is really just a puppy at heart, and quite the charmer. He leaps and jumps and LOVES fetch now! He flirts with all the ladies in the neighborhood and is such a people puppy. At the dog park, when hes not playing fetch, hes going up to everyone around and nudging their legs hoping for a quick pat. He's 100% return on investment at this point :)
When Matty came back to lucky dog after being returned after three years for no fault of his own (his previous owner went into assisted living), he had infections in his ears, pretty common in his breed. But unfortunately, no matter what we've done to try and get rid of his infections - meds, ointments, rinses - nothing seems to be working due to polyp growths that are blocking the way into his ear canals.

Matty needs surgery to remove these polyps so his ears can finally be rid of infection for good, and maybe, even restore his hearing! Lucky Dog has set up a crowdrise page to help raise the money for this sweet rescue's surgery. 

If you're interested in helping out Matty D, you can go to:
Matty promises to thank you in cuddles, butt wiggles and puppy kisses! - Nicole

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