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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: Nicole's Charmer, Cuddler, and the Best Ball Fetcher Around!

Matty LOVES playing fetch when we are at the dog park!When he's not charming the other dog moms and dads, hes sniffing around to make sure he picks the PERFECT tennis ball (quite the job). Once he finds his ball, he picks his spot and will wait so patiently until you come to him. And that's it, once you throw that ball, there's just no stopping him. We've closed down the dog park on a number of occasions, running around the dog park until its too dark to see (that still doesn't stop him, hes got the nose of six dogs).

Check out this video of Matty enjoying his favorite pastime and please consider donating to his cause at to help raise money for his ear surgery to remove polyps causing painful and chronic ear infections and restore
some of his hearing loss! -Nicole

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