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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: Nicole Shares Matty D's Other Nick Name!

Many people know Matthew Dillon's nick-name Matty or Matty D, in fact, I'm pretty sure no one calls him Matthew anymore, he's just got such a "Matty" personality. But many people don't know that he also goes by another nick-name, more appropriately, Moo, or Matty Moo. When people hear me say it, they think is just a cute pet name I gave him, but in fact, I actually call him Moo for a much different reason...

Matty is my 9th foster, so I'm pretty much a veteran when it comes to odd behaviors from my fosters. I've had a pup that barked every time I left a room, I've had a dog that woke up every two hours at night to use the bathroom, I've even had a pup that liked to climb into our book case for a nap. I'm sure any foster or dog owner can attest that these quirky little behaviors are what makes being a dog owner/foster fun and always makes keeps you laughing. Well, knowing that my dogs have had some pretty weird history's (especially when I leave in the morning), I asked my roommates about a week into having Matty if he had any weird routines when I left the house. They all kind of looked at each other and started laughing. I was worried. I asked if he whined a lot, was that the problem? My roommate Courtney, who has lived in the house since my very first foster, said, "Well, no. It's definitely not a whine..... its more of a.... a moo." I thought she was crazy, but all of my roommates started laughing and agreeing with her, they said that's exactly what it sounds like. They then mimicked what they said it sounded like and I knew they had lost it, no way can a dog make that noise!!

Fast forward a few months when Matty came with me to visit my Grandparents over the fourth of July holiday. One day, my family and I went to grab lunch, leaving Matty and my grandmother at home. We get back a little while later and she rushes to the door yelling my name. She comes up to me and says "Nicole!! Your dog makes the weirdest noise when you leave!! HE MOO'S!!!"

Now, grandma grew up in farm land Pennsylvania, so she knows what a cow sounds like. I told her the next time I leave, she has to record it for me! It doesn't happen any other time or when anyone else leaves, its only me! So I never get to hear it. So we tested it. I walked outside leaving the family inside with Matty and came back in 10 minutes later to a laughing crowd. They played back the sound of his moo-ing and they weren't kidding. He really does moo!! And so started the nick-name: Matty Moo.

So for your Monday entertainment, and endless laughter, please enjoy this recording of Matty's Moo:
And please consider donating to Mr. Moo's ear surgery efforts, so he too can finally hear how silly he sounds!

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