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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking Out for Matty D: Megan's love for Matthew Dillon!

Matty is one of our very favorite fosters (and there have been quite a few). While we are not his full time foster family, he gets to come and stay with us when his regular foster Nicole is out of town. Beyond being completely adorable, he also has a great personality and an admirable attitude that guides him through all he does. No matter what is going on, Matty always puts his best paw forward and looks for the sliver lining. Matty loves his people and gets along with every human and dog he meets. He always blends into our pack right away when he comes over. While he is hard of hearing, he will look to the humans or other dogs to see what he's supposed to be doing. He loves to go to the dog park—where he usually introduces himself to all the humans first and then to the dogs. He plays fetch and runs around with other dogs and has, on occasion, even done a bit of dog wrestling. He is great on long walks and is always up for whatever. His best walk with us was probably around the monuments, where he was very popular with tourists. He is very mellow and even tempered and does great in all kinds of situations, even ones that many dogs find overwhelming/scary.

At home is is really good—goes into his crate without a fuss when it's time and when the humans are home he just finds a comfy spot and a squeaky toy and entertains himself until he falls asleep. He is happy to sleep in his crate, on a bed or in the human bed and doesn't take up too much space. While Matty is no spring chicken, he has a lot of life and a lot of love to give. Getting his ear surgery will improve his quality of life (and maybe even mean he can hear a bit more) and significantly decrease the likelihood that he will continue to struggle with ear infections which are not only an inconvenience but can be uncomfortable and even painful. While his ears are in bad shape, he is otherwise in excellent health and is very spry for his age.

Please help our our beloved Matty by donating here:! Every dollar counts and brings him one step closer to a better life! Matty promises to be grateful—and he NEVER forgets people who are nice to him. He always greets them enthusiastically with a smile and a tail wag that could power a motorboat.

-Megan, Patti the Beagle and Theodore the lab, Matty's favorite back up foster family

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